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I wrote this biography for one reason:

The only emails or calls I look forward to receiving



There is nothing worse than a STRANGER contacting you.

Personally, I started noticing that when I was on

someones email list, I would unsubscribe simply

because i didn’t trust their information and, frankly, them.

You probably already know that

information alone will not fully assist

you when it comes to your next real

estate decision.  You need to be sure

you receive that information from a

reliable source.

In other words…


With me taking that to heart, please allow

me to share with you a little about myself

so I don’t become just another name on your

computer screen.  I want to do this because

I honestly feel I have some valuable insight that

will benefit you on your next investment or sell.

That is why I am going to do everything I can

to get you to read my bio and more importantly,


As a small child I was always interested in freedom (as were

most children) and looking back on it, I see why I chose a

career with flexibility, and a competitive environment.   As

far as I can remember, I always wanted to catch the

biggest fish, hit the most home runs, and now offer

the best service.  My parents instilled that drive in me.

Growing up with just enough, I learned at an early

age, you have to work for what you want.  People have

freedom of choice.  If they don’t like you they don’t have

to be around you.  I like to consider myself a likable guy!

As a teenager, growing up in Olive Branch, MS (the fastest growing

city in the United States in 2010), I was around

a number of real estate agents.  In the late 1990’s and early

2000’s there was a huge boom in Desoto County, MS leading to

people jumping into real estate that never gave it one thought

before the boom.  It was like the gold rush in California!

People came out of the woodwork.

The eye opener for me, being a little overly attentive, was

that I started noticing the different personalities and character

traits of other real estate agents.

I noticed that the best agents had a passion for serving

others and an equal passion for learning trends in their

market as well as having full knowledge of the homes and

condos in their area.

I knew that if I could continually work on selflessly

serving my clients as well as studying every subdivision

and property in Oxford possible, I had

no choice but to be a respected agent that people,

(hopefully like yourself) would be happy to allow me to

serve them.

My Rookie Year

I dove right into real estate at the age of 22 in January

2007 after graduating with a Marketing degree from Ole Miss.

I started with Prudential Magnolia Realty and was determined

to make my mark on Oxford.  Within the first year I had

almost 20 clients happily involved in a home or condo

and started receiving testimonials.  It made serving people

addictive in that I seemed to be a part of satisfying their

real estate needs.  It was great! It still is!

My Next Move

I was later approached by an ex-wide receiver from Ole Miss

named Bill Flowers.  Bill asked me to come work with him and

we took his company from a lowly start-up in Late 2007 to

one of the top 10 out of 40 real estate firms in the first year of doing business.

Training and research became my obsession.

I was (and still am) determined to give the best

service in Oxford when it comes to real estate.  I’d like

to say, I am getting there, but I am always trying new ways

to improve.

A Slight Turn of Events

I am now part of the RE/MAX team and we have more

resources than you could ever dream of.  We are able

to find foreclosures instantly as well as other elusive

buys.  With the combination of my hard work and

RE/MAX’s support, I am POSITIVE I can serve you

well enough that you will want to tell your friends!

Looking Forward To Meeting You,

P.S.  As of October 2011, in just 6 months, I am now in the Top 10 Among Remax Agents in Mississippi.  It is people like you who put their trust in me, to do the best job possible.  I assure you, I will do everything in my power to make sure you get the best service and make the best decision in your next real estate move.


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