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Tips On How To Sell Your Home

“Selling My House” Tips – How to sell your home quickly

There are some simple tips that any home seller can use to sell their home by themselves or through a professional real estate agent. The tips apply to all methods of selling. Following these few simple idea’s can make a difference not only in how long your home is on the market, but also whether you are offered the price the home is listed for. The tips are low cost to no cost and simple to follow.

The first golden rule of selling your home is whenever it is being shown by an agent, leave. A potential buyer is less likely to linger and ask questions if you are present. If you are selling your home yourself and there is no agent involved, have any children and the other spouse leave during the showing.

Put pets away. Many potential buyers will be turned off immediately if a strange dog or cat comes near them. Just because you love animals does not mean everyone does. If you have a litter box at the very least make sure it is clean. Better yet, put it away during showings.

Temperature. Make sure the temperature inside the home is comfortable. If it is cold outside, turn the heat on to take away any chill in the air. If it is hot outside, turn the AC on well before the showing. The more comfortable the temperature is inside the home the longer a prospective buyer will linger inside the home.

Odors. You do not want your home to smell like pineapple bananas. Potential buyers will wonder what you are trying to cover up when using perfume odor killers. If anything a small glass candle in the kitchen with the smell of apple pie baking is more than enough odor to stimulate the sense.

Visual. You want to give the appearance of a large living space regardless of the actual square footage. One of the places that buyers will closely look at is the kitchen. Make sure the counters are bare. This will give the illusion that there is much more space than there actually Is. In the bathroom, hang fresh company towels. A simple ribbon tied around them is a nice accent that will stimulate a welcoming appearance. Make sure that all window coverings are open to let in the natural light. Add mirrors directly across from the windows to reflect a much larger appearance.

Adding colorful pillows to accent your living room will create an inviting sense. Be sure to not overdo any accents however, as it will give a cluttered appearance. There is a fine line in decorating and over decorating. It is very much like setting a stage when showing your home. Think about what you would look for when shopping for a new home. This will guide you in setting the stage in your own home.

Taste. It is interesting to think of taste in regards to a home showing. If at all possible try to leave a set of cold drinks out with a platter of cookies or crackers. Be sure to put a small sign indicating what the food is and to help yourself.

Marketing. Whether you are selling your home yourself or you are using a professional real estate agent, marketing your home is ultimately your job as the home owner. Any small things that you can do to market your home will make an impression on potential buyers. Many buyers are looking at several homes in one day. The key is to have them remember yours above all others. Placing a take home sheet near the cookies and drink with information on the neighborhood, schools, or major shopping plazas will give the potential buyer something to take with them to remember the home with.

Although this can be done by the homeowner, it is highly recommended that you consult with a real estate lawyer who knows Real Estate Contracting Law. You should also make sure to know how to pre-qualify your buyers. Hiring a Real Estate Professional will make these daunting tasks much more pleasurable and will be able to NET more in your pocket for your home.

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