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Why Won’t It Sell?

Why Won’t My House Sell?

First impressions are hard to overcome in any part of life; this is especially true with selling a home. That first impression can either win a potential buyer or turn them off almost before they get out of the car. If the curb appeal is not there, some home buyers will not even bother to step into a home to look at it. That is your first impression hurdle.

To get your potential buyer out of the car to have a look inside, it is essential that your home has a certain amount of curbside appeal. Take the time to look at your house from the end of the driveway and from the road. What does it say to you? Is it inviting? Is there something that turns you off? Look at your neighbor’s yards. Does your yard look comparable or substandard? How are the hedges, are they trimmed and neat? Is there a dog roaming the yard? Many potential buyers are fearful of animals and this could lead to losing a potential buyer.

Stand back at the edge of your yard and look out across towards your home. Does anything jump out at you that seems out of place? Is there any area that could use a bit of weeding or mulching? Does the lawn need to be mowed? As a seller your priority is to make the outside of your home as inviting and attractive as the interior is. If your potential buyer does not get out of the car, they will never see the unique and special features of your home inside.

The next hurdle to get over is the front entrance. Can your potential buyers see the front entrance or is it hidden with overgrown shrubs? Can you see the house number clearly? How is the paint on the front door? Is there an outside light for when it is dark out? Does the front entrance say come in and welcome? Or does it scream go away? Adding a bit of color with potted plants can add to the inviting sense of the home.

Many times it is not the inside of the home that turns potential buyers away. It is the first impression of the outside that lingers with them. Ensuring that the outside is as attractive and inviting as the inside can make the difference in selling your home.

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